Flower Mandala Arabic art pattern, CNC or Laser Cut, 2:3 Size


  • 2:3 Size: 12″ x 18″
  • Can be produce in various materials
  • Custom Order Possible
Category: SKU: ST-002


Use As Stencil

can be used as stencils for painting, sculpturing or glass etching by artists.

You may use these stencil designs for any DIY projects, air brush painting, creating wall art, photo frames.

They are great for design projects in school.

Use as Decorative Element

These designs can also be directly presented as a decorative item. The wide material option ranging acrylic, metal or MDF wood for creating a fabulous wall hanging piece and our European imported vinyl for creating a beautiful wall decals. You can always ask us about the endless possible options for your décor need. Send us message on 03361515333

Additional information


Stencil Sheet, MDF Wood, Acrylic 2mm, Acrylic 3mm, Stainless Steel Metal, Golden High Gloss Metal


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